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Give Today

They need you this summer, more than ever!

The pandemic has darkened the past two summers of 8-year-old Jacob. His mom lost her job and he couldn’t go to summer camp in 2020.

And then again in 2021.

You won’t let that happen again, will you?

He lost out on memories for two years.

Memories you had when you were 8…

Jumping into a cool lake on a hot day.

The sounds of a crackling campfire.

The taste of a lightly burned marshmallow.

And most importantly, making new friends at summer camp.

For many kids like Jacob, the summer camp experiences you had are out of reach.

You can help Jacob get back those memories.

Please consider helping kids like Jacob. You can be their sunshine this summer.

Please give today.

I want to be their sunshine
Send him to camp

Your kindness will make a difference

There are very few places I can afford that provide my ASD/ADHD son (12) with one-on-one supervision. I didn’t get a phone call every day. They even integrated him with the other kids and he felt included. He now wants to go to the Taggart Y every year.  I would never have been able to afford these camps. My sons needed the weeks away. I needed the weeks away. Our little family unit needed the 2-week break. Thank you very much on behalf of my two kids and their very grateful father.
Nicolas, Parent
As a single mother to two energetic boys (6 and 8), I am so grateful that my boys were able to attend camp. We were very fortunate to attend the YMCA Otonabee and Taggart summer camps. This year especially, my sons NEEDED social interaction. The outdoor experience was beneficial for my outdoors little guy after spending so much time online learning and being stationary for so long. The camp provided him with the ‘outdoor adventure’ he had been craving. He loved swimming, canoeing, kayaking and rock climbing. He really enjoyed the whole experience, especially the leaders. 
Martha, Parent
Tony (7) had a great time and a lot of fun at camp this year He also wishes he could have stayed longer. He enjoyed the crafts and camping activities for the two weeks. The staff made him feel so special.
Abby, Parent
I had two kids (7 and 9) attend the YMCA Camp Otonabee this summer. They loved both weeks they spent there – enjoying the activities, the staff, and the overall experience. Their mother also really appreciated the opportunity for the girls to attend camp, as they could not afford these activities otherwise. Please send the donors a HUGE thanks from this family and myself.
Family Support Worker, The Children's Aid Society of Ottawa
Donors allowed us to support a grandmother who is caring for her two grandchildren (11 and 14) with summer camp. She told me how much she appreciated this support, especially with Covid and having the children home a lot this year. It impacted her ability to work as a PSW which then impacted the family financially. By providing a summer camp experience for the children, she was able to work. She was very appreciative of the funding and so am I as this relieved some of the financial, emotional and social pressures that face our families!
Family Support Worker, The Children's Aid Society of Ottawa

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