Life- Enrichment Opportunities

The items in this list of Life-Enrichment Opportunities are available with your monthly donation to the Children’s Aid Foundation of Ottawa.

The Children’s Aid Foundation of Ottawa (CAFO) raises funds to assist children, youth and families supported by the Children’s Aid Society of Ottawa. Funds are received in the form of solicited donations, gifts, grants and organized events and dispersed through various educational, recreational and life-enrichment programs.

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  • Overnight Summer Camp

    100.00 $

    You can help vulnerable children feel empowered by donating $100.00/month. These funds will allow two children the opportunity to attend a week-long overnight summer camp.

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  • Daily Summer Camp

    50.00 $

    Moments experienced through summer camp last a lifetime. Your donation of $50 a month will allow two children the opportunity to form many memories.

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  • Museum Membership

    50.00 $

    Museums provide children with learning experiences that stimulate imagination and offer unique quality time with family. For $50 a month, you can provide a child a valuable educational opportunity.

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  • Music Lessons

    25.00 $

    Studies show that children who take music lessons exhibit greater self-discipline and generally do better in school. Help a child build confidence in themselves, by donating $25 a month towards music lessons.

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