Ted and Loretta Rogers Foster Care Transition Program

When a child comes into foster care for the first time, you can imagine their confusion and anxiety about being in a new place. Entirely funded through the Children’s Aid Foundation of Canada, this program helps children feel more comfortable as they move into a new home. Every child who comes into care in Ottawa receives a comfort kit filled with toys, books, blankets, and culturally diverse items to make them feel safe and secure and to give them a means of transporting their belongings.

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In 2023

Children received comfort kits
Children received culturally specific items
Foster Care Transition Program - The Children's Aid Foundation of Ottawa
Foster Care Transition Program - The Children's Aid Foundation of Ottawa
Foster Care Transition Program - The Children's Aid Foundation of Ottawa

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Children's Aid Foundation of Canada - The Children's Aid Foundation of Ottawa

This family of 4 girls was over the moon excited to get their comfort kits. They loved the LEGO and being able to build stuff together. Foster mom was happy to see that they each got their own teddy bear so there were no fights. Graciela said, “Wait, it’s not Christmas! Why did Santa come?!” It’s heartwarming to know that people who don’t even know these kids want to help.

– Child Protection Worker


The G.P.S. CONNECT program supports youth who are transitioning out of foster care. Once they reach age 18, they are on their own. The goal of the G.P.S. Connect program is to help these youth prepare for a successful and healthy adulthood, regardless of any past trauma or negative experiences they’ve faced. The five key themes addressed in this 12-week program are:

  • Independent Living & Housing
  • Healthy Lifestyles
  • Financial Literacy
  • Education & Employment
  • Mental Health and Well-Being 

Each youth is paired with a natural mentor meaning someone they already have a connection with. A literature review, conducted by The Children’s Aid Society of Ottawa, found that youth in care who have a sustaining, mutual relationship with someone they know, such as a family member, a foster parent, or a teacher, resulted in a more successful transition into adulthood.

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GPS Connect Partnership with the Children's Aid Foundation of Ottawa
Youth graduated in 2021

I wanted to take part in this program because I want to learn skills for when I live by myself. Now that I’ve graduated, I noticed I’m more conscious when it comes to hydro/bills and I’ve also purchased and planned dinners better.

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Cooking Toward Independence Grant

I liked the positive environment and how everybody was able to communicate with each other.

Cooking Towards Independence

The Cooking Toward Independence project was created to improve the lives of youth in care across Canada by providing funding programs about cooking skills, nutrition, and healthy living. This program, funded entirely by the Children’s Aid Foundation of Canada, has many forms within our Foundation.

Youth participating in the G.P.S. Connect program, participate in a workshop where they learn about fad diet myths, the new Canadian Food Guide, calculating nutritional values, budgeting for grocery shopping, basic cooking skills, following a recipe and so much more. Through this workshop, offered by the PC Cooking School, youth are learning essential financial literacy skills and healthy eating habits to better prepare them for transitioning out of care.

Also funded through this grant is a Master Chef activity where youth compete on teams to learn various cooking and baking techniques. Hosted by the talented chefs at La Cité Collegiale, this program gives youth the opportunity to learn how to use professional culinary equipment, explore new recipes, and try new foods all while learning from a professional chef.

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I learned how to make my current cooking taste better and how to add more flavour. It was also a lot of fun to use the industrial stove. I’m even more motivated to start growing my own food and create new recipes.

– M., Participant 


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